"What sets Sangeeta apart is her deep knowledge and respect for yoga. This translates into a physically and mentally fulfilling practice - inspiring students to only get better. She does not try to make yoga into something it is not, but instead opens windows and doors into the timelessness of the centuries old practice."  -- Sania Khan

"Sangeeta is a fantastic teacher. I have studied with her for several years. She brings great knowledge, joy and spirituality to her teaching. She is eager to learn more herself and shares that knowledge with her students. Her classes are always challenging and rewarding. No matter what level the student is, Sangeeta gives them equal attention and helps them grow to the best of their ability."  --Lucy McMichael

"I have been taking yoga classes in New York for almost twenty years, and Sangeeta's classes are among my top five favorites. Sangeeta is an awesome and patient guide, and I really value the growth I have had with her over the years. I find her practice to be deep and grounding yet lighthearted. I always look forward to her classes and workshops and leave energized and strong with new perspective." -- Erika Parkins

"Sangeeta is the reason why I developed a regular yoga practice shortly after moving to NYC - I was at her 2pm class every Saturday. Her energy is calm, steady and comforting. The pace she keeps the class at is perfect - you do not feeling rushed and you are able to maintain connection to your breath. Her patience, precision and thoroughness as an instructor are unparalleled. She becomes familiar with you to the extent that she knows just where to challenge you, to push you further than you thought you could go. She knows you can - and you do! She is a large part of why I had the courage to pursue a teacher training, due to the foundation she helped me develop in my personal practice. She is one-of-a-kind and an incredibly special soul." -- Stephanie Furr

"Sangeeta's classes are so welcoming!  She makes you feel like the class is just for you no matter your ability level or beliefs...and she never lets you take yourself too seriously. Definitely good for the soul!"  -- Heather Weneck

"I first took Sangeeta's class a little over 7 years ago at a studio in New York City. To begin with, I was totally in awe of her chanting. 'She needs to record this and SELL it, give it away, whatever!' I thought. I had taken some yoga classes prior to that, but never had experienced hearing chanting in that way and how it tied into and enhanced the entire yoga experience. And then there was the asana. Sangeeta's classes are challenging, but not in a way that I felt like I didn't want to come back to try and sweat again. Among many things, I noticed how she is able to adjust her classes to her students' abilities, dialing back if necessary, but also pushing us to achieve more. At the end, you feel this combination of accomplishment, exhaustion, and exhilaration. Sangeeta is a wonderful teacher who truly cares about her students; not to mention she has a warm and gentle spirit."  -- Janel Shepard

“I have been lucky to have Sangeeta as a teacher from when I first started a yoga practice through training to become a teacher myself. She keeps a watchful eye and is generous in answering my many questions, but also very distinctly gives me the space to make my own discoveries. When I first came to her class, I immediately felt safe and welcomed. Sangeeta has a way of making the physical practice both accessible and challenging for all levels and beautifully weaves the spirituality of yoga throughout her classes. Her messages are simple, clear, and powerful. Her involvement was a large reason in why I chose the teacher training that I did, and she was generous in sharing her wisdom, experience, and knowledge with our group. She propelled us all forward immensely. Her energy is both grounding and uplifting and I am grateful for her guidance throughout the years.”  -- Marisa Martin