I teach vinyasa classes that are intelligent and thoughtful. I offer students the opportunity to go deep – physically, mentally and emotionally. Teachings are accessible without being dumbed down. My goal is to help students touch the depths of their hearts and experience their own source of inner wisdom. My hope is that my classes – overall – inspire people to see sameness more than they see difference and that over time, their lives are more inclusive and dedicated to helping others.

weekly class schedule:

all classes are at yogavida,
new york city, ny.

9:30am (tribeca)
12pm (union square)

10am (union square)
12:30pm (noho)


advanced practice
october 7, 2018
the yoga loft
bethlehem, PA

don’t fear the upsidedown
january 12, 2019
the yoga loft
bethlehem, PA

queen of the asanas: understanding shoulderstand
january 12, 2019
the yoga loft
bethlehem, PA

journey through the chakras
february 10, 2019
satsang yoga studio
westfield, NJ